Comprehensive service

Biuro Rachunkowo – Doradcze Agnieszka Fijałkowska is the one-man firm offering services from the range of:
  • the book-keeping (full book-keeping of capital companies, mostly Ltd., and simplified tax rolls)
  • personnel and payroll calculation services
  • accounting advisory services (preparation of detailed list of accounts and policies of the accountancy)
  • preparation of financial statements and reports based on the accounting books, also in English
  • English translations
  • settlement of UE projects, preparation of yearly statements ref. the environmental payments and waste material (on the ground of the records delivered by the Customer).

My offer is directed to small service firms and small commercial and manufacturing companies, which prefer to concentrate on the development of their own activity, and would like to relegate the book-keeping to the external professional, with simultaneous labour costs saving. These companies will find in the Office services:
  • on-time
  • professional
  • comprehensive

Accounting services are performed by the book-keeper with the long-term experience in the book-keeping, also with management practice, very well educated, constantly updating her knowledge within the range of accountancy, taxes and social services, who is also the member of the Association of Book-keepers in Poland

The individual approach lets me to adapt my services and prices to expectations and needs of the Customer. Within Warsaw - Ursus there is the possibility of the personal reception of documents from the Customer. I possess also Chief Accountant Certificate issued by Accountants Association in Poland

I can also submit detailed CV and references on demand of the Customer.

The Office operates on the ground of the Licence Of The Ministry Of Finance and possesses the obligatory insurance and the supplementary insurance connected with the payroll calculation services.
5 premise 1 Przedpole Street
02-241 Warsaw
Mobile: 601-511-723
Phone/Fax 22 846-69-47
VAT Number: 524-192-64-57
REGON: 015777122