Comprehensive service

The price for every accounting service if fixed separately, for the different quantity and the degree of complicacy of the book-keeping documents and the different range of additional expectations of the Customer within the range of time-limits of the realization of services and reporting.

In order to receive the more detailed offer please fulfill the below Customer Card as detailed as it is possible.

Legal form of the Company:
Business profile:
Name of the Company:
Number of emploees employed on:  contract of employment
 mandatory contract (short-term)
Remuneration system:
The Company is subject to the following tax obligations:
Type of accountancy:
Average number of accounting documents in the Company:  sales invoices
  purchase invoices
 number of cash reports / month
 average number of positions in cash report
 number of bank statements / month
 average number of positions in bank statement
 business trips settlements / advances
Is the Company registered as VAT UE tax payer or concludes import / export transactions:
Is the Company interested in additional financial reportings:
Please describe details concerning expected form / terms of reporting:
Notes / Additional expectations of the Client:
Number of fixed assets:
Accounting systems used so far by the Company:  
fixed assets registration
Contact data:  
Contact Person
Phone No
E-mail address
Suggested monthly price for the service (net in zloty)
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